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Best Shrimps Recipe That You Should Cook

You will need to have many shrimps recipe especially when you love to eat this meat as it is very delicious and tasty. Furthermore the shrimps meat is actually very versatile, thus you can use it in many kinds of dishes that you like. So you can have meal in any time of the day which uses shrimp as one of the main ingredient in the dish you cook. Then again, cooking shrimp is quite easy since this meat is very tender so you would not even need to cook it for too long. So the recipe that we have here is actually can be made in short time especially when you already skilled cook.
Learn to cook the best shrimps recipe
1.      Lemon shrimps pasta recipe
-          Linguine Pasta 8 ounce
-          Olive oil 2 tbsp
-          Butter 6 tbsp
-          Garlic 4 cloves, finely minced
-          Pepper flakes red 1 tsp
-          Shrimp jumbo size 1.25 pounds
-          Salt
-          Pepper
-          Italian seasoning 1 tsp
-          Baby spinach 4 cup
-          Parmesan cheese half cup
-          Parsley finely chopped, 2tbsp
-          Lemon juice 1 tbsp
Shrimps recipe cooking direction:
1.      Clean the shrimp, remove the shell and head from the shrimp then set it aside.
2.      Prepare other ingredient as we mention above.
3.      Take a large size cooking pot then boil some water inside. Use the boiling water to cook the pasta using the direction that you found on the packaging. Drain the water out then set it alone for a while.
4.      Take a pan, and then pour in the olive oil to heat it. Afterwards add only 2 tbsp from the butter to the pan.
5.      Next put inside the pan some of the ingredients such as garlic as well as pepper flakes then cook them until they become fragrant.
6.      Put inside the shrimp then season it using pepper with salt to make it more delicious. Make sure that the color turns into pinkish color after a while before adding the Italian seasoning to the mix.
7.      Add the spinach inside the pan then cook it until they are all wilted and tender.
8.      Put the pasta inside the pan, and then add the rest of the butter on top of the pasta along with parsley as well as the cheese. Stir them all to mix the butter with the pasta and let it all melt completely to season it.
9.      Pour the lemon juice then mix once before taking it off the heat.
10.  Serve well while it is still hot.
2.      Shrimp fried rice recipe
-          White rice, uncooked, 1.5 cup
-          Water 3 cup
-          Vegetable oil 4 tbsp
-          Bean sprout, fresh, 1 cup
-          Onion, finely chopped, 0.5 cup
-          Shrimp, medium size, 1.5 cup
-          Green onion, finely chopped, 0.25 cup
-          Eggs, 2 pcs
-          Salt 1 tsp
-          Black pepper 0.25 tsp
-          Soy sauce 4 tbsp
-          Sesame oil 0.25 tbsp
Shrimps recipe cooking direction:
1.      Clean the shrimp, deveined it, and peel the shell off. Take a pan then cook the shrimp using vegetable oil until it turns into pink color. Set it aside.
2.      Take a cup, and then use it to beat the eggs. Set it aside.
3.      Prepare the other ingredient as we mention above. Set them aside.
4.      Take a saucepan, pour in the water then let it boil. Pour in the white rice then stir it to cook. Reduce the heat then place the cover. Let it shimmer around 20 minute until it is completely done. Set it aside so it will cool down a little.
5.      Take a large size skillet, and then heat it up around 2 minutes. Pour in the vegetable oil, and then add the onion as well as bean sprout. Mix to cook it until 3 minute time.
6.      Add the rice that already cool down into the skillet, then put inside the shrimps. Stir to cook for around 3 minutes.
7.      Add the other ingredient, and then mix continuously so the egg will cook and mixed evenly.
8.      Serve while hot.
Those are the best of many shrimps recipe that you should try to make the next time you need to have a meal for party with friends or family.

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