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Using Frozen Tuna Indonesia Product for Food Truck Business

If you have a food truck business, you might want to use frozen tuna Indonesia product as one of your ingredient to make dishes in the menu. Tuna itself is considered as a nutritious sea food, thus many people love to eat dishes that uses tuna as the ingredient. Furthermore, tuna is also considered to be quite affordable, thus you can create the food truck menu in affordable prices that everyone can purchase. Surely when many people loves tuna food product, then they will also love your food truck menus. Do not forget that even big restaurant have tuna dishes in their menu, thus it can really be the menu that will make everyone choose to get meals at your food truck.

Information for Food Truck Business about Frozen Tuna Indonesia
However, before using the tuna inside one of your menu’s ingredient, you might want to know more information about this product. That is why you can try to learn more about tuna product that is created by factories in Indonesia. That way, you will know how the Indonesian factory makes the product before being delivered into your food truck business. Now let us see how the factory in Indonesia creates the frozen tuna Indonesia product for you.
First of all, you should know that Indonesia have very large sea region, thus there are many areas on which the tuna fish is live. On those areas, the Indonesian fishermen will catch the tuna fish for Indonesian factories to be process further. Of course, the fresh tuna fish that the Indonesian fishermen catch will be the best ingredient to be use for your food truck business. However since you are in very far location from the fishermen, it would not be possible to get the tuna fish still in fresh condition without getting them to be spoiled when arrived. Thus frozen tuna Indonesia product, would be your best possible product to be use for your food truck menus.
When the fishermen catch the tuna fish, it will be chilled first to sustain the long journey from the sea to the shore where the factory is located. After it is arrived in the factory, then the tuna fish will be taken to the cleaning processing line. In this line all of its skin, bones, and bloodline will be taken out and cleaned from the meat. This will leave only fresh, clean and raw tuna meat to be process further.
The next process would be inside the cutting processing line where the raw tuna meat will be cut into several shapes that are actually very common in the tuna industry. Those shapes are tuna saku, tuna block, tuna loin, tuna cube, ground tuna, and many others. Those are the shapes that you will get when ordering the frozen tuna Indonesia product. Next thing that they will do is to enter those tuna products into the next production line based on the end product that they want to make. There are two types of end products that they usually create which is frozen tuna CO treated product and frozen pre cooked tuna product. Those two products must going through a different line first before being packed and frozen in the same line.
For the frozen tuna CO treated product, the tuna meat will be CO treated in steam processing line. This treatment will make the product maintain its red color so it will always appear fresh even after quite some times has pass. For the frozen pre cooked product, the tuna meat will be taken inside the pre cooker machine. This machine will cook the product on the factory to make the end product for frozen tuna Indonesia factory.
Lastly, those two products are entered into the wrapping processing line where they will be wrapped using vacuumed wrapper. Lastly they will be frozen product using ultra cold temperature to keep the condition of the product to be preserved for a long time. Now the product is ready to be taken from Indonesia into your food truck business that might be located all over the world. Those are the things needed to create frozen tuna Indonesia product that you will use as one of the ingredient on your food truck business menu. All you need to do is to choose which products to use.

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