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Indonesian Frozen Shrimp Manufacturers Important Information

Indonesian frozen shrimp manufacturers are one of the largest shrimp suppliers in the world that distribute and export their seafood products to various countries such as America and other Asian countries. Indonesia sourced their shrimp from both wild caught and shrimp farms and they are ready to supply tons of shrimp each year. You can order for fresh and frozen shrimp or raw and cooked frozen shrimp. If you want to have trusted suppliers which can ship you good stock of shrimp for your business then you can start to order from Indonesia shrimp suppliers or manufacturers.
Indonesian Frozen Shrimp Manufacturers
When you want to find Indonesian frozen shrimp manufacturers, it is better that you contact them directly so you can ask them any information that you want to know. Here are few questions that might be pop out from your head when you want to purchase frozen shrimp:
1.      Why go frozen?
Well, first of all most of us likely encounter frozen shrimp instead of the fresh one unless you live near coastal area or you have an access for raw, alive, and fresh shrimp. Most of the shrimp sold in large grocery stores and supermarket are frozen earlier before being delivered to keep their freshness so for your information, the shrimp that labeled as ‘fresh’ and displayed on the store’s seafood shelf is actually a frozen shrimp that defrosted and then sold as fresh shrimp. No one knows when the shrimp is caught because they can be three to four days frozen immediately on board after caught. So, the conclusion is the fresh shrimp that you see on the grocery stores are actually frozen shrimp and thus why not go with frozen shrimp instead? You can use them anytime and if you store them properly in freezer at airtight packages, they can last for months.
2.      Wild caught or farmed shrimp?
Indonesian frozen shrimp manufacturers are export their wild caught and farmed shrimp to various countries. Usually the countries that sell frozen shrimp products after being processed will tell you not only the shrimp’s origin but also whether they are harvested wild or farmed. If you can find wild shrimp product then it is better to choose frozen wild shrimp instead of farmed shrimp because sometime farmed shrimp has contamination issues. However, if the producers or suppliers can ensure you the safety of their farmed shrimp especially if they are free from bacteria, diseases, and other chemical matters then it is fine to purchase frozen farmed shrimp.
3.      The species of the shrimp?
Shrimp is available with many species, but there are two species that sold the most which are the black tiger shrimp or giant shrimp and white shrimp. You can order those shrimp from Indonesian frozen shrimp manufacturers and they will deliver and ship right to your door. Indonesian farmers like to cultivate their shrimps in huge ponds or tanks, so before you order from them, you can ask them precisely about how they manage their shrimp farms and whether it is sustainable as well as ask them to ensure you the safety and the hygienist of the shrimp.
Now, let’s check what you need to consider when you want to purchase frozen shrimp from Indonesian frozen shrimp manufacturers as follow:
-          Of course you may need to ask about the price first, especially when you intent to bulk order then it is okay to ask for some special discount. Usually large manufacturers will give you cheaper price when you willing to buy bulk and the larger your order the cheaper the price will be.
-          Ask for the shipping cost because it tends to add more cost to the final price and if you want the manufacturer deliver you within overnight then the cost will go higher even more.
-          Ask about where they sourced their shrimp and how they will manage to store and deliver the shrimp to you. You can ask about the freezing process when they deliver it to you to make sure that they can still be kept fresh even after arrive in front of your door.
Do not forget to ask for any terms and conditions when you decide to import the shrimp and especially important rules and documents to ensure your country and area allowing for such imported seafood product from Indonesian frozen shrimp manufacturers.

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