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Frozen Pacific Mackerel Fish Thawing Process

Frozen pacific mackerel fish is actually a fresh fish caught from the ocean that has been frozen with proper manner to make the fish stay longer and prevent the spoilage. When choosing the frozen fish, you should pick carefully from the appearance, texture, and the smell. Nutritional value comparison is needed to be compared as well along with the sustainably fishing method. And right after you find and buy a good frozen mackerel, before using you need to thaw the frozen product fish in order to prevent the fish meat contaminated with bacteria. Thawing process will also maintain the fish in right texture plus in good flavor. Here’s the guide to thaw frozen fish which you can follow.

Ways to thaw frozen Pacific mackerel fish
The easiest method to thaw frozen Pacific mackerel fish is by store it in the freezer overnight before you using it. If you want to cook the fish right away after you buy it then you can simply thaw it with cold water in a pot. And if you do not have much time for thawing process, you can just cook the fish without thawing it first.
Here are some methods to thaw the frozen mackerel fish:
1.      You should buy the frozen mackerel fish in a good condition and it is better if you can find the one that have been keep in sealed container. Do not purchase the fish if the package is damaged or crushed and torn. That’s why when buying the fish; you need to take a look closely. Please considerate these points when buy Frozen Pacific mackerel fish product:
-          Buying frozen mackerel that are properly frozen and not partially thawed. At store, the fish usually being stored in the freezer container below the thaw line.
-          Avoid buying frozen mackerel that have freezer burn or ice crystal inside the package and covering the fish since it means the fish has been in the storage for long time and they are not in the best condition to be eaten.
2.      Store your best frozen Pacific mackerel fish in the refrigerator overnight to thaw it completely. If you want to use the fish the next day after buying then put the mackerel in the refrigerator to defrost it. This method will keep the fish cool while also allowing it to thaw gradually. By thawing the mackerel in refrigerator, it will preserve its texture and taste. However, thawing the fish inside the refrigerator may took time or at least hours, so if you do not have too much time then you can use different method. Moreover, never place the fish on the counter because it will make the outer part to go bad before the inside portion is completely defrosted.
3.      Before cooking the fish, check again the thawed fish. The fish that has been completely defrosted should have texture and taste just like fresh mackerel. It might not be completely like fresh fish with the bright and clear color but at least the fish did not mottled or discolored. You need to smell the fish to check whether it is already decayed and if the smell is too fishy then it means they are no longer good to be used. Thawed mackerel may have a bit fishy smell; however they are not supposed to be off putting.
4.      Finally you can cook the mackerel according to your taste. You can make delicious and healthy recipes from mackerel as the ingredient. Thawed mackerel can be used to replace fresh mackerel in recipes since fresh fish comes seasonal and it is hard to get. The mackerel that are cooked enough should have firm and flaky flesh.
If you want to skip the thawing and use the frozen Pacific mackerel fish brand right away from the freezer then this is how you can do it:
-          Take out the fish from freezer and remove the mackerel from the package
-          Rinse the fish under cold water to remove the ice or the frost
-          Use clean paper towel to dry the mackerel by patting them
-          Prepare the fish, you can add seasonings or marinade and then cook the mackerel according to your favorite recipes
Done and finally you can enjoy eating your cooked frozen Pacific mackerel fish and get beneficial nutrition intake.

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