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Shrimps Benefits that is Useful for Your Body Health

Before you eating this food, you surely want to know more about various shrimps benefits since they may be useful for your health. Shrimp is a crustacean which life not only in the ocean but also in the river and lake. They can found all around the world in abundant amount, which make it easy for you to found a dish, which uses shrimp good quality as the ingredient in every country. But when you found that dish, you surely wonder about the benefits of the shrimp which uses as the ingredient whether it will be useful for you or not. Thus we will discuss its benefits more here.
List of shrimps benefits for your body
1.      Low calories
Some of you might maintain your body by having diet which is low in calories. If you are one of those people, you can still eat shrimps since it actually has low calories. A cooked shrimp in medium size only has 7 calories, this means you can easily eat one dozen of the shrimps and only add around 85 calories. It actually contains 15 calories less than chicken breast with 3 ounce weight. Shrimps benefits say that a jumbo shrimp which used in cocktail only has 14 calories, while 1 tsp of the sauce itself has 5 calories. This means when you eat 3 shrimps along with 1 tsp of the sauce each will only give you 57 calories. This is actually 10 calories less compared to a pig in blanket, and 20 calories less compared to 2 mini quiche or 2 mini empanadas.
2.      Rich in protein
Aside of the water content, this food is actually very rich in protein since it is what they make of. 3 ouches of boiled or baked dish of shrimp will give you protein for around 20 grams. This is only a little less than 3 ounces of chicken breast. Meanwhile a jumbo shrimp contains protein for around 3 grams together with a few carbohydrates and very few fats.
3.      Rich in nutrient
Shrimps benefits include its rich nutrient content which actually very important for your body. Only by eating 4 ouches of steamed shrimps will be able to cover more than 100% of your daily selenium need, more than 75% of daily vitamin B12 need, more than 50% of daily phosphorous need, more than 20% of daily choline, iodine, and copper need.
4.      Various antioxidant
Furthermore the minerals inside the shrimps are actually very beneficial for your body as there are two types of important antioxidant included. First is the selenium which is a type of antioxidant that can help your body to find free radicals. Those free radicals can damage your body DNA and membrane which can lead to premature aging as well as cancer disease. Selenium is also very important for the body immune system and for the thyroid to function correctly.
Shrimps benefits also mention about the second antioxidant which is the astaxanthin. This substance is actually the one that creates the color pigment on the shrimp’s body. However, for human it can reduce the inflammation which in time helps to prevent premature aging which caused by sunlight and UV lights as well as other disease. Thus if you want to make your skin appear healthier and prevent aging, then you might want to add some shrimps into your diet.
5.      High in zinc
Shrimps actually also contains zinc in abundant amount. This mineral is very important for your body since it is used to increase the level of leptin. The leptin itself is a hormone which is very important to regulate the storing of fat, regulate appetite, and regulate your body energy usage. Thus eating this food will give shrimps benefits which would not make you overeating, or craving for other food after you already full.
Those are several benefits that you can get when consuming shrimps as parts of your diet. Of course several people need to be very careful before even trying to get shrimps benefits since it is also known as common allergen for sensitive people. But if you already know that you do not have any allergy reaction, then you can try to consume the shrimps. Furthermore this food item is quite versatile thus you can actually create different dish using only this one ingredient.

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