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Frozen Shrimp Prawn Manufacturers Buying Guides

Frozen shrimp prawn manufacturers processing and then distributing their products all over the world. They also willing to deliver the shrimp and prawn as frozen seafood with the tail off and on, head off and on, peeled or unpeeled, you can even order for the one that still raw or already cooked. The manufacturers will freeze the seafood to keep its freshness and to prevent bacteria which can cause the shrimp and prawn to rot. Here are some simple tips which you can follow when you want to buy either shrimp or prawn from trusted shrimp manufacturers or suppliers.

Buying from frozen shrimp prawn manufacturers
There are many shrimp and prawn species available at trade or market and although both of them look similar in appearance and often mistakenly as the same things, but in fact they are biologically different and belongs to different suborder of Decapoda as well. Prawn usually has larger size than shrimp and their body shape and gills are different too. However, for cooking they can be used interchangeably and many people even cannot tell the difference of their taste or flavor. Both shrimp and prawn can be cooked in various ways like grilling, broiling, pan frying, and so on.
When it comes to buy either frozen shrimp or prawn, you should understand that there are several things which need to be considered. As for your information, when you find fresh versus frozen seafood in the grocery markets, it is always better to go frozen first. Why is that so? It is because the fresh shrimp or prawn that displayed on the self is actually frozen or at least previously frozen. All of the seafood sold in the stores or supermarket and labeled as ‘fresh’ sometime is not the freshest, the suppliers will bring to them in frozen state to keep its freshness and in the end they will thaw them properly before being sold. It is mean that frozen shrimp and prawn are as good as the fresh one and even better.
The frozen shrimp prawn manufacturers usually freezing and processing the shrimp and prawn in their facilities to ensure the hygienic and thus the factory needs to be close with the coastal area. However, sometime the shrimp and prawn will be frozen on the board after caught. Aside wild caught shrimp or prawn, manufacturers also tend to raise them in huge tanks or ponds in order to meet with high market demand. It will be smart if you ask the sellers when they sourced their seafood because wild caught seafood is always better than farmed seafood since the later have possible risk of chemical toxic from antibiotic feeding and such. However, not all farmed shrimp and prawn are bad in quality as long as the frozen shrimp and prawn manufacturers ensure the safety, hygienic, and quality of their products.
Here are few things you should consider when buying seafood from frozen shrimp and prawn manufacturers:
-          Frozen shrimp and prawn usually packaged in airtight bags to maintain their freshness and therefore you need to check the packaging and ensure that there is no torn or damages.
-          Ask the seller when they get the frozen shrimp and prawn so you can get the freshest product. Do not forget to check the sustainability as well.
-          Do not purchase the shrimp and prawn if they already look expired and dull. Touch them if allowed so you can make sure that their condition is still good and the flesh still firm.
-          Frozen shrimp and prawn are also sometime displayed with icy shells that can add weight. Therefore, skip the weighing and just count the number of the shrimp or prawn when you want to buy for some recipe. It is because their weight will be decreased once the ice is melt.
-          Note their labels since the sellers sometime will label them as small, medium, and large. The shrimp for example, are labeled according to their sizes like less than 10 as colossal while 36 to 45 considered as small. You should understand this rule of thumb.
After you purchase them from frozen shrimp and prawn manufacturers, you need to thaw them properly before used. Raw frozen shrimp or prawn can last for several months in the freezer while frozen cooked need to be consumed as quickly as possible or at least within 2 months.

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